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When we tell you that we are just like you – it’s the truth. We love to ride.
We love to be challenged.

Most of all, we love the experience and taking in the sights.

With a background in the corporate events industry, organising events on an international scale for large, multinational companies, we have built a repertoire of key skills that cross over into Cycology.

Our team is an eclectic mix of young, old and in-between, but the one thing that pulls us together is our mutual passion for cycling; the sheer enjoyment of getting behind the handlebars and the pleasure that it brings. We think that being in the saddle takes us back to our childhoods, and we simply enjoy the infectious feeling of how good cycling actually is; it’s something that everyone can enjoy and share a passion for, at any level.

As hard workers, like most people, we enjoy life’s little luxuries and wanted to create something that tied in our love for cycling and penchant for the finer things in life. Whether those finer things are luxury accommodation, gastronomic pleasures (good food to you and I), or our bikes, we believe that going a little more ‘high-end’ wherever possible, always pays off.

In order to ensure that you can enjoy the same standards as we expect, we have hand-picked each and every hotel. As we have become older, wiser (ahem), and even slower in a few cases, our desire to have fun and enjoy ourselves, without compromising on quality, is still as present as ever.

Cycology provides bespoke cycling holidays that are catered to all ages and all ability levels; we look for passion, not necessarily skill!

Our staff hand-pick everything, from your hotel to your transfers, to recommending where you eat, to your excursions, you don’t have to worry about a thing! After all, it’s your holiday.

Many people come to us because they really love cycling, but have a partner or family who aren’t quite feeling it, and would rather be around the pool, or doing something a little more ‘holiday like’. We specialise in providing bespoke breaks that cater to everybody in the party – not just the cyclist.

So, if you have kids who want to splash about all day, we can organise a waterpark trip. How about a partner who enjoys being pampered? We will send them off to the spa! The best part is that you can enjoy your cycling break, completely guilt-free and without rolling eyes because you’re on the bike... again...

We look forward to welcoming you soon to a Cycology holiday.

The Cycology Team

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Bespoke for you

From cycling routes, hotels and transfers, recommending restaurants, or planning excursions for the family, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

The Experience

The hotels

The Hotels

Only the most exclusive hotels are hand-picked by Cycology, each offering the ultimate in style, comfort, and luxury.

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The bikes

The Bikes

If not bringing your own, we can give you access to some of the best, lightest performance bikes on the market, all with the specifications that you need in order to get the very best cycling experience.

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