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So why Cycology Travel? The answer is simple - I love luxury and I love cycling.

My cycling friends and I often go to Mallorca to ride because of our passion for cycling and my knowledge of the island. My event management and organisation skills came into their own – it was always me who organised the trips. Getting a ‘pass to go’ from our better halves was also key to getting away for a couple of days. If they came along, then a great hotel and plenty of things to keep them and the kids occupied just made the whole “Can I go to Mallorca for a cycling break?” request that much easier; it was a ‘no-brainer’, a ‘win-win’ for all. So, Cycology was born and we now offer this mixture of guilt-free cycling, luxury accommodation and fabulous partner / family itinerary, so that you too can experience the beauty of Mallorca (and our other beautiful destinations) without the guilt and the pressure. What’s not to love?

Besides this, my greatest achievements include my relationship with my long-suffering wife, and 3 wonderful little boys, who keep us very busy.

On behalf of myself and the Cycology team, we look forward to welcoming you, your cycling buddies and your family to this special island in the sun. This is your “get out of jail free” card to enjoy the cycling holiday of a lifetime.

See you on a Coll (or road) very soon!


The bikes

The Bikes

If not bringing your own, we can give you access to some of the best, lightest performance bikes on the market, all with the specifications that you need in order to get the very best cycling experience.

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The hotels

The Hotels

Only the most exclusive hotels are hand-picked by Cycology, each offering the ultimate in style, comfort, and luxury.

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