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Cycling for your SO; Luxury for you

12 July 2016

Jumeriah Port Soller, Cycology Travel

The other person in your life is a cyclist. I mean: a cyclist. Maybe you quite like a bike ride yourself, ideally a few miles on a quiet path through a wood with a picnic lunch with friends (and maybe a glass of wine) at the end of it – but that isn’t what Your Significant Other ‘SO’ means by cycling.

They plan to go on one of these – a ride that will be full of climbs and sprints; a chance to test themselves against the demands of nature and geology, egged on by someone every bit as keen as they are; something that at the end of several hours will leave them needing a massage to get the kinks and the lactic out of their system so they’re ready to do it all again tomorrow.

That doesn’t sound like fun to you. At all. So – best leave them to get on with it…alone?

But just a minute – what’s this? Work your way down that same webpage and there… right next to the picture of the woman having a massage from someone who looks as though she knows what she’s doing. Is that or is that not some of the finest shrimp you ever saw in your life? Time to look a little closer!

Here, for example. No two ways around it; those are seven of the finest hotels Mallorca has to offer. And now look closer still – here.

Cycology understands the problem.

Sometimes both parties in a relationship are keen cyclists. More often, though, you have one enthusiast (we won’t use the word fanatic; not while they’re listening) and one who either doesn’t cycle at all or who can take it or leave it and, to be perfectly frank, when the going gets really tough, would just as soon leave it.

And the question that us guys and girls at Cycology asked was: when the cyclist in the relationship is enjoying what is quite likely the best holiday he or she will ever have – is it really fair that the non-cyclist should either stay home or mope around waiting for his or her partner to come back from today’s ride?

Put it like that and the answer is clear. NO! Which is why we hand-crafted a one-of-a-kind YSO (Your Significant Other) programme.

YSO offers unashamed luxury. If you want to gauge just what we mean by luxury, take a look at this. And as well as beautiful surroundings and meals you’ll talk about for ever after, the programme offers (at your choice) vineyard tours and boat trips and helicopter trips and shopping trips and spa therapy and…but we’re beginning to sound like Ratty at the beginning of The Wind In The Willows when he describes to Mole the delight that’s in the picnic hampers.

Does this sound more like your sort of thing? Then you know what to do. Encourage your SO to get serious about booking the holiday of both your lifetimes - just make your enquiry right here.

See you on a Coll soon!

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