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Cycology’s Prod-a-Pro #1: Interview with Dani King, MBE

01 June 2016

Dani King Interview with Cycology Travel

Some talent is so obvious that everyone knows it’s there, but if you’d asked the fourteen-year-old Dani King, she’d have told you that her favourite sport was swimming. Then the British Cycling Talent Team visited Hamble Community Sports College, where Dani was studying at the time and watched her ride a mountain bike round a field and do it quicker than any of the boys.

Their verdict: ‘You’re a cyclist.’

Now, winner of Olympic Gold, three World Championship Golds, and several British and European Championships, it’s clear: Dani King is not just a cyclist, she’s a champion.

Dani started her career as a sprint cyclist until it became clear that endurance was her real strength. She was on the Junior Olympic Development Programme, but glandular fever in 2009 kept her out of the British Cycling U23 Academy and could have meant the end of a career for a less determined person.

Dani does not lack determination; she found in Courtney Rowe a coach who would help her travel the road to greatness through hard work and a dedicated training regime, and one year later she was back with British Cycling; four months after that she, Laura Trott and Wendy Houvenhagel were World Team Pursuit Champions over three kilometres at the Apeldoorn World Championships, 2011. A bronze in the scratch race made her the most successful British athlete at Apeldoorn.

Since then, Dani has raced for Vision 1, Horizon Fitness, Matrix and Wiggle Honda; won gold three times at World Championships; and taken the gold medal in Team Pursuit at the 2012 London Olympics. This year she’s with Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling and her sights are set on more Olympic gold, this time at Rio 2016.

It’s looking good personally, too. Dani is engaged to Matt, the son of coach Courtney Rowe, and the three of them together with Matt’s brother Luke have founded Rowe & King, a pro coaching business for passionate and determined cyclists. Cycology is delighted to have teamed up with Rowe & King to bring you an unbeatable combination: a fabulous Cycology cycling holiday in Mallorca, with coaching from Rowe and King to take any cyclist, however good they may already be, to a completely new level.

And now for the interview! :)

Cycology: What's your favourite food?

Dani King: Fajitas for main, chocolate brownie for dessert and red wine. Now that’s in my mind I know what’s for dinner tonight!

Cycology: What’s your favourite race, and why?

Dani King: Fleche Wallone – an Ardennes Classic! Real tough climbs produce worthy winners.

Cycology: Where did you go on the last holiday you had and with who?

Dani King: Dubai with my fiancé, Matt! We only got engaged a week before we went so it was a special holiday.

Cycology: At what age did you start riding?

Dani King: 14. I came through the British Cycling Talent Team programme.

Cycology: If your house was burning down, what would be the three things that you’d save? (obviously taking kids & spouse into account)

Dani King: Olympic medal, Mat’s Teddy bear (seriously!), and a photo album.

Cycology: What TV programme are you watching at the moment?

Dani King: Homeland – it’s ideal for afternoons after training.

Cycology: What’s your favourite type of music?

Dani King: Chart music – I like the mainstream stuff.

Cycology: Can you sing?

Dani King: Matt thinks I should audition for X-factor. I’m not so sure.

Cycology: Have you ever been star-struck? (obviously besides me interviewing you!)

Dani King: Yes – when I met the Queen!

Cycology: What was the last film you saw at the cinema and was it any good?

Dani King: The Intern – it was great.

Cycology: If you were President for the day, what would you change about the world?

Dani King: I would increase spending on healthcare – health is everything!

Cycology: Tell us something not many people know about you?

Dani King: I used to be a kick ass Trombone player!

Cycology: Who's your favourite/most inspirational person you've met or would like to meet?

Dani King: Kelly Holmes – she was a huge inspiration as a kid.

Cycology: Who in your team is the fun to be around, and why?

Dani King: Nettie Edmundson because she is in a world of her own. Coo-coo land. I wouldn’t mind a visit!

Cycology: What was your favourite kids’ toy?

Dani King: Dolls…used to spend hours playing dolls with my sister, Sarah!

Huge thanks to Dani for taking part and keep an eye on our blog for more interviews with pros from the cycling world!

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