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Cycology’s Prod-a-Pro #4: Interview with Dr Dan Roiz-de-Sa

16 January 2017

Cycology’s Prod-a-Pro #4: Interview with Dr Dan Roiz-de-Sa

When we think of sporting heroes, champions or gold medallists spring to mind. But in cycling, it’s very much a team effort, and that includes every cog in the wheel, from the coaches and therapists to the soigneurs and nutritionists, to expert doctors like Dr Dan Roiz-de-Sa who keeps World Champion and Olympic Triathlon medallists & cyclists in check, on track, and alive!

From walking with injured soldiers on a trek of the South Pole, to assisting world-class sports people with safe and effective race nutrition, Dr Dan is very much a sports medicine superstar. An advisor, a doctor, a respected figure in education, and someone who has worked with an impressive portfolio of sports and expedition clients.

But you’ll never catch him name-dropping. Dr Dan doesn’t get star-struck and he doesn’t create a fuss, whether you’re a celebrity or an amateur rider. His focus is on getting his clients and patients to the finish line safely. Because when athletes push their body to the limits, it’s people like Dr Dan who make sure that there aren’t any serious health repercussions to deal with afterwards.

Being the gatekeeper who looks after the fitness of a team of athletes and riders, including their mental and physical health – during a race, sportive or grand tour – is a big responsibility. It’s certainly not an easy job. But with so much experience under his belt, it’s no wonder that he’s such a trusted name in the industry.

Dr Dan has worked as an Expedition Doctor for the Virgin Allied South Pole Challenge (as well as for the Walk With the Wounded North Pole treks), a Senior Medical Officer at the Institute of Naval Medicine, and an Sports & Exercise Medicine Doctor for the Ministry of Defence. In education, he has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth and has been a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Cardiff University.

His latest venture is with The Strength Temple, a discreet and bespoke service for sportspersons across all disciplines that is driven by a unique ‘7 Pillars Philosophy’: Movement, Nutrition, Hydration, Mind, Flexibility, Breath & Environment. With a team of experts working alongside him, The Strength Temple focuses on lifestyle modifications and empowering habit creation to develop a way of life that improves both physical and emotional wellbeing. Visit his website to find out more, or read on to see our recent interview with him…

Finally, when not looking after others, this man still finds the time to complete ultra-marathons and is currently training for the infamous Marathon des Sables!

Cycology: What's your favourite food?

Dr Dan: Anything Spicy. Right now it has to be with a Mexican or South American theme.

Cycology: What’s your favourite sport and why?

Dr Dan: I love triathlon because it’s three sports in one. But if I had to pick, I'd say running: all you need are a pair of trainers and simple kit and you can get out in the wilds.

Cycology: Where was your last holiday and who did you go with?

Dr Dan: My wife and my boys. We went to Mallorca. Next time I'm taking my bike!

Cycology: If your house was burning down, what would be the three things that you’d save? (Obviously already taking kids and spouse into account!)

Dr Dan: Nothing after my family, my dog and myself. Everything else is replaceable.

Cycology: What TV programme are you watching at the moment?

Dr Dan: MasterChef…..I'm wondering what type of person wants to put themselves in that sort of position?

Cycology: What’s your favourite type of music?

Dr Dan: Jazz or blues, but played live.

Cycology: Can you sing?

Dr Dan: Nope. I sound like a dying cat!

Cycology: Have you ever been star struck?

Dr Dan: Not really. The last assistant to a famous person I was looking after told me they didn't like being fussed over…..like I was ever going to do that! I thought, ‘you’ve come to the right place then!’

Cycology: What was the last film you saw at the cinema and was it any good?

Dr Dan: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Yes it was if you're a Potter fan.

Cycology: Where did you sit?!

Dr Dan: In the back row.

Cycology: If you were President for the day, what three things would you change about the world?

Dr Dan: My first task would be to get rid of man flu. Every bloke knows how bad that is. Ladies, it really is a serious illness you know

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