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Making memories: A family holiday in mallorca

23 August 2016

A family holiday in Mallorca

As a travel company, we are known for our bespoke challenging cycling holidays and for luxury breaks for single cyclists; or a luxury break for one partner, while the other cycles during the day and enjoys the indulgence of fine food and a five-star hotel at night.

We are proud of the reputation we’ve built for doing those things better than anyone. We’ll go on doing them and we’ll love every minute of making happy memories for our clients. We understand, though, that there is another kind of holiday for which Mallorca is as well suited as anywhere on the planet: a fabulous family break.

We all know what term time is like. The mornings are spent rushing around trying to get breakfast down the kids’ necks and rushing them out the door with both shoes on, just in time for the school bell to ring. Then you work all day, and in the evening there’s homework that would challenge the most intelligent adult, let alone a ten-year-old. What are number lines anyway?!

Weekends may bring some family time together, but often there are projects, junior football and rugby leagues, ballet classes, music lessons, skate parks, and school outings. Young adults may be away at university, or striving to make their early way in a first career.

And all of that ignores the parental absences that can be mental as much as physical; you’re there in body, but your mind is somewhere else entirely – on the iPhone or the laptop, working through a knotty staffing problem, or deciding how to see off a competitor who is after your best account.

The results are known by countless families. The bonds of affection are all there; you’re close to each other; and yet, somehow, it can feel as though some element of family togetherness is missing.

And just remember – children don’t stay children for long. Pass by the chance of a family holiday this year, or next, and you may find that sooner or later, the opportunity is no longer there. If you doubt that, speak to your own parents. They remember you learning to tie your shoelaces, struggling to pronounce the word spaghetti, taking your first ride with the training wheels off. And now look at you! All grown up with kids of your own.

Summer holidays are the time to cement family bonds, and Mallorca is the place to do it. That’s especially true if the family includes keen cyclists. But one of the great things about Mallorca is the opportunities it offers for cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

A holiday with Cycology means exposure to Kidology (scroll to bottom of the YSO page) . When’s the last time you got up close to a sea lion, or watched the graceful swim of a dolphin, or witnessed the majesty of a sea turtle. Kids love Marineland in Mallorca, and we just know that you will, too! If the ocean isn’t your thing, then how about a family swing through the trees in the largest tree adventure park in the Balearics. Or, if you’re the family that loves nothing more than to chill on the sand and watch the crystal blue sea kiss the shores, then Mallorca’s beaches offer the perfect relaxing break for everyone. For the more adventurous, there’s always a boat trip bobbing on the blue seas, or taking to the skies in an unforgettable helicopter ride to see the beautiful island of Mallorca from on high.

There’ll also be a chance to introduce the family to food, and ways of eating it, that may be completely new to them. And don’t forget, at the end of each day, no matter what activities you’ve enjoyed together, there is unbeatable five-star luxury just waiting for you.

Although cycling is our passion, the Cycology team have littles ones (and not so little ones!) too. We make sure that each and every adventure is tailored just for you and your family.

Ready to book? Of course you are. Don’t miss out on that special family holiday in Mallorca that you’ll all be talking about for years to come.

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