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Meals for a memorable Mallorcan holiday

21 June 2016

Mallorcan Meals Cycology Travel

Mallorcans take the pleasures of the table seriously. They know what they like to eat and drink, and they make sure they serve it up for every meal. Holiday with us at Cycology and you can enjoy the same culinary pleasures as the locals.

Being an island, fish has always been important in Mallorcan cuisine, though today a lot is imported from mainland Spain. That is true also of the pork and ham without which Mallorcan food would not be Mallorcan; what you can rely on being mostly local is the olives, vegetables, almonds, lemons and garlic that will colour your whole eating experience on the island.

The best way to enjoy Mallorcan cuisine is to see it as originating in peasant food – like the best of French, Spanish and Italian food (like our own British steak and kidney pudding) – but peasant food modified by taste and the need to satisfy an increasingly sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele. But think, for a moment, about peasant food. It began life as a way of filling up people who had little money and burned a lot of calories and carbohydrates. What are cyclists (and any other athletes) told to eat as soon as possible after a hard workout? Carbs! Pasta! And when you remember that the traditional Mallorcan paella is made with noodles instead of rice, you know you should not leave without eating some at least once after a hard day’s cycling. Look for fideua on the menu.

Sausages are popular, but the traditional British banger they ain’t! Of course, there’s spicy Spanish chorizo; there’s also sobrassada, which is minced pork with hot red pepper, and botifarró, a sort of blood pudding.

Those sausages also find their way into the delicious rice soups, though alternative fillings are seafood and vegetables. If the menu says tumbet, you’re being offered a vegetable dish to remember (the quality and variety of vegetables in Mallorca is such that vegetarians never go home hungry).

Other dishes to look out for:

  • Salt cod. If you currently think of this as purely a Portuguese speciality, or something for old-time sailors on long voyages? Think again!
  • Lobster casserole.
  • Sea Bass in rock salt.
  • Soller Prawns. There are a few places around the world where you can eat prawns this good – there’s nowhere you’ll find better.
  • Suckling pig. Mallorca will offer any variation on a pig you can think of – but do try this one. You should also sample the pork wrapped in cabbage leaves before you go.
  • Tapas. Mallorca is Spanish, so what else did you expect? Meat balls in a variety of spicy sauces; calamari rings in batter; mushrooms served in all sorts of ways – or just ask for Tapas Variadas and get a whole selection placed in front of you.

Sweet tooth? So have the locals! Turron is a nougat made from locally grown almonds; puding (yes, that is how they spell it) is what you think of as creme caramel (though possibly unlike any creme caramel you’ve ever eaten); and greixonera de brossat may change the way you think of cheesecake.

Finished? Better get back on the bike and work off a few calories!

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