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Packing for your luxury cycling holiday with Cycology

03 May 2016

Packing for your luxury cycling holiday with Cycology

It’s fairly safe to expect the climate in Mallorca to be attractive, even in winter. One of the factors that govern Mallorcan weather is the Tramuntana mountains on the west coast.

Mountains. Ah, yes. When you’re in them it isn’t going to be as warm as down at sea level, so you need to be sure you’re well prepared.

When taking part in one of our cycling tours, you can heat up pretty quickly in a hard climb and cool down just as quickly freewheeling from the top. What that says to anyone with an understanding of how to dress for any athletic endeavour is: at least while you’re cycling, wear layers. Always have at least two or three layers with you so that you can slip one on when you’re getting cool and take it off again as temperatures rise. And the layer closest to your skin should not be cotton because you’ll need something that wicks moisture away from the body.

If you’re a keen cyclist, it’s likely that you’ll want to pack some of your own gear, including the good stuff for body temperature and moisture control; no seams where they might chafe and high visibility for when motorists encounter you as the sun is sliding down behind the Tramuntana mountains. You’ll also be glad you took something lightweight, but wind and waterproof.

So those are the basics when you think about packing for your luxury cycling holiday in Mallorca. Because you’ll be flying, and just in case you’re temporarily separated from your checked bag, we recommend carrying the first day’s cycling gear and the first evening’s casual wear in a cabin bag. Also, because you’ll be flying, you probably don’t want to carry more weight than you have to.

Some things, though, are essential.

Your passport will be in your pocket because you can’t get on the plane without it. You’ll need a cycle helmet – this one’s a must. You might want to carry the sort of little bag you can put under the saddle with a spare inner tube, a puncture repair kit and tyre levers in it. One of those small bike pumps that punch above their weight is also a good idea, as is at least one water bottle.

A cyclist’s choice of shoes can be idiosyncratic in the extreme. If you’re not used to shoes with cleats, this is probably not the time to make their acquaintance; if you are, you won’t want to use anything else.

Cycling gloves are essential, though in Mallorca they won’t need full length fingers, and unless your hands are already well worn in and unlikely to form calluses, we recommend gel gloves.

You’re not going to Mallorca just for the cycling though, so you’ll also want to pack some smart casual wear for the evenings and your off-the-saddle adventures. There will be a lot of sun (or at least we hope so!), so a hat of some description is a good idea and suncream and sunglasses are essential.

Finally, don’t forget your EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you don’t already have one, you can apply online; don’t fall for one of those websites that offers to get you a card for a fee – the EHIC is free. Also pack your travel insurance documents.

The most important thing you’ll bring, though, is the desire to really enjoy yourself and to return home happier, fitter and more relaxed than you were before your luxury cycling holiday with Cycology, with some marvellous memories to last until next year.

For more details on what to pack for your cycling holiday, check out our advice page.

We’re looking forward to seeing you.

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