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Cycology’s Prod-a-Pro #2: Interview with John Lunt

30 August 2016


Every other month, we carry out a light-hearted interview with a big name in cycling or another sport. This month, we are delighted to welcome renowned early UK triathlon pioneer, 2012 Olympic triathlon Competition Manager, serial entrepreneur, and original founder and owner of Human Race, John Lunt, to the Cycology blog.

John is perhaps one of the best known names in UK triathlon – the arduous sport involving swimming, cycling and running. For over 25 years John has organised upto 40 high-profile events per year, including the infamous ‘Winter Ballbuster Duathlon’, Windsor triathlon, and recently the Brighton & Hove Triathlon, as well as the St Lucia Triathlon and the Kingston Breakfast Run, and October running festival.

John also made sure London 2012 delivered an outstanding Triathlon event, which he admits to being the highlight of his entire career to date. His current company, BspokeEvents.co.uk, has been once again setting the standard in corporate, group and open events and is partnering with a number of charities and sports brands.

With a profile like that, it’s probably inevitable that John should be a former long distance contestant completing nine IronMan distance events. He did his first triathlon in 1984, and since then he has raced in Canada, France (he finished Nice nine times), Holland, the Canaries, USA and Australia.

Although he sold and left his company,Human Race, at the end of 2013 -- the organisation he founded in 1990 -- he has promoted numerous races every year, and has encouraged thousands of adults and kids alike from all over the world to swim, run and cycle. The growth in participant numbers has been phenomenal; the first Windsor Triathlon attracted 250 athletes and now draws more than 3,000.

Without John, we have to wonder where triathlon within the UK would be today. But we’re not without him, and we can say that he is in the midst of organising the first Brighton and Hove Triathlon (11th September 2016) and the next St Lucia Triathlon being held on the 19th November.

Having taken part in many of John’s events, it is now our pleasure to bring you the interview.

Cycology: What's your favourite food?

John Lunt: Steak and baked jacket potato and salad

Cycology: What race are you most proud of organising, and why?

John Lunt: The London Olympics 2012 Triathlon – the pinnacle of my organising career, I was proud to show off my city of London in such a fabulous event and occasion. The whole of London 2012 was amazing and an incredible experience. For me it was four and a half years compressed into four and a half hours!

Cycology: Where did you go on the last holiday you had and with who?

John Lunt: Ibiza on a family holiday with my two teenage sons and wife.

Cycology: Which of the three disciplines do you prefer – swim, bike or run?

John Lunt: Many years ago I would have said running, but now the bike, because I find it far more enjoyable especially when its sunny and dry..!. the old legs cant take the battering any more.

Cycology: What did you want to be when you grew up?

John Lunt: I had no idea and still don’t! But I was always involved in sport and fell into event organising. I’m pleased that I did.

Cycology: If your house was burning down, what would be the three things that you’d save?

John Lunt: Family, my laptop and old family photographs that are not replaceable.

Cycology: What TV programme are you watching at the moment?

John Lunt: Olympics! I watch all sorts, but mostly sport and nature programmes.

Cycology: What’s your favourite type of music?

John Lunt: I grew up in the punk and hard rock era, so I'm happy to listen to anything. If I don’t like it, I switch it off….

Cycology: Can you sing?

John Lunt: Absolutely not. However, Don’t mind a bit of ABBA when in the car on my own…….

Cycology: Have you ever been star-struck and by whom?

John Lunt: No not really, I’ve never really been fazed – but I might if I met people like Bill Clinton or the late Mohammed Ali.

Cycology: What was the last film you saw at the cinema and was it any good?

John Lunt: Captain America: civil war, it wasn’t very good, I went with my wife.

Cycology: If you were President for the day, what three things would you change about the world?

John Lunt: I would allow drivers to shoot people who drive in the middle lane when the inside lane is empty. I'd make sure kids were taught tolerance and understanding of diversity, inclusion, religions and culture. I’d also try and stop all the wars that are going on at the moment for one day, I'd put the leaders into a room and not allow them out until they’d found a solution…..

Cycology: Tell us something not many people know about you?

John Lunt: I love ice-cream!

Cycology: Who's your favourite/most inspirational person you've met or would like to meet?

John Lunt: I would say Seb Coe was a very inspirational guy, he definitely commanded my respect and he knows how to gets things done. I’d also love to have met Nelson Mandela, also to meet Bill Clinton, lots of people speak very highly of him.

Cycology: What was your favourite kids’ toy?

John Lunt: Lego.

Huge thanks to John for taking part! Keep an eye on our blog for more interviews with pros from the cycling and sports world!

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