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Father’s Day, and the reality of travelling with kids

18 May 2018

Father’s Day, and the reality of travelling with kids

Picture the scene. You wake up to aromatic waves of rich, freshly-poured coffee (the proper stuff, not that instant rubbish) followed by the crackling and sizzling of bacon and eggs in the pan. Gentle rustlings of feet in slippers pad into the bedroom and the curtains are carefully drawn so your eyes are not assaulted with streaming sunlight.

It’s Sunday 17th June. Father’s day.

After breakfast you’ll hop on your bike for a leisurely 60-mile coastal ride, and you’ll be back in time for your favorite Sunday dinner and a spot of family time before flicking the telly over to watch your team walk away with the FA cup.

Now reimagine all of that, but now you’re on a sun-soaked terrace, finishing breakfast and contemplating the days ride in rolling Portuguese or Mallorcan hills. The entire day stretched ahead of you like the endless clear blue sky above.

Heaven. On. Earth.

The reality is...

The problem with daydreams is that eventually you have to wake up. If you’ve got cost-centres – (kids), especially young cost centres, you’ll know that travelling anywhere with the little monsters is more like hell on earth. Unless you get it right.

Every cyclist dad understands the ‘real world’; trying to balance the perfect ride on far-off shores with the kids in tow.

Here's our helpful tips to survive a holiday abroad with a young family.

Stock up on in-car entertainment

“Dad... dad... daddy... DAD... DADD-Y... DADDYDADDADDADDADDDDDY... are we there yet?”

You've not even hit the petrol station at the bottom of the road and it starts. If it’s not the constant questioning of ‘how long ‘til we reach the airport’., then it’s endless renditions of the Spongebob Squarepants theme tune, or worse, something whiny and high-pitched by Justin Bieber. Oh, my ears are bleeding!

Whatever you do, before you set off for the airport, make sure you’re fully stocked up on in-car entertainment that definitely doesn’t include never-ending rounds of ‘Eye Spy’.

Hire a luggage trolley

And, there’s no rest bite when you get to the airport, either.

Cost centre one: “Dad, can you carry this? My arms hurt.”

Cost centre two: “Dad, can you carry me? My legs hurt more than his arms!”

Hiring a luggage trolley doesn't get you out of transforming into a pack mule, but it does free your arms up to carry bundles of toys, books, drinks, food, and a spare child.

Don't worry though, with a Cycology holiday, we’ll be at the other end to meet you, so no more heavy bags for you, my friend.

Protect your cycling gear with your life

Or at least store it in a spare room away from little fingers.

Gloves. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Overshoes. Check. Helmet… helmet… HELMET!

Yep, little Jakey has your helmet in the bathtub and has been using it as a boat for ‘Ted’ and all of Ted’s friends. Oh, and Ted wanted ice-cream... so there’s that.

Bring a spare charger or three

It doesn't matter where you are or how luxurious your surroundings, if an iPad runs out of juice just before breakfast with no way of getting it back up and running, you ain’t going anywhere near your bike until Jakey has a fully battery.

With a day’s ride at risk, be sure to pack a couple of extra chargers.

Be prepared to cut your ride short

Cycology do guilt free holidays. We make sure your YSO and the kids have got plenty to do while you’re in the saddle. But, let’s face it, you’re half way up a mountain pass, pushing the pedals like your life depends on it, and then it happens. The tug on your heart strings. The thought of Jakey and the gang playing on sandy beaches or splashing down slides at the waterpark without you. You can almost smell the sun cream and taste the ice cream.

We’ve all been there. And, yep, you’re going to turn around and have the family time that you promised them. It’s inevitable.

Keep an open mind... I mean wallet

If you have teenagers many of the same instances still apply. Just bring your wallet and leave it open … they’ll soon have it cleared out and life will be back to normal.

Drop a hint before it’s too late

It’s not too late to drop a couple of hints. Leave a note in the fridge. Pack your other half’s lunch and stick a post-it on their sandwich. Get a poster printed for the back of the toilet door. Hire a plane and sky write a message in the clouds. Or just beg!

However you do it, it’s time to get the message across. With or without the kids, all you really want for Father's Day is a Cycology holiday. (We’re kidding of course. No holiday would be the same without your adorable little monsters. Or would it?)

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