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The October 2016 Collective experience – Book now or miss out

27 July 2016

The Collective, Why Ride Alone?

On two wheels, it’s a challenge. Off them, it’s luxury. But it’s exclusive and, when the places are gone – they’re gone.

So, if you have some time in October and you can’t think of a better way to spend it than by pushing yourself to the limit in a tightly knit, guided group of cyclists and then enjoying some of the best food in a thousand miles, book now. Opportunities like this don’t come every day.

Cycology have teamed up with the 5-star Son Brull Hotel & Spa to bring you a holiday you’ll never forget. 300 years ago, Son Brull was a monastery – quite an unusual monastery, because monks more often chose to be on top of mountains, and Son Brull was built at the bottom. Yes, you’ve guessed it – at the bottom of the Tramuntana range – the same range where you’ll be doing your hard climbing during the day.

And late afternoon, when the hard climbing is done, you’ll enjoy the downhill approach to a place where the monks previously trod, though a reverence remains – for food, for rest, for comfort and for luxury.

And, if you bring your Significant Other, there’ll be a special programme just for him or her. Plus, if you book by August 26th, we’ll throw in a luxurious free of charge massage to melt away those tired muscles after a long day on the road, worth €105.

Did you know, by the way, that the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is 90 kilometres long and that every centimetre of it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? It’s been described as a near-perfect symbiosis of nature and human action, and the merging of culture, aesthetics and spirituality.

Puig Major is the highest peak in the range at 1,443 metres, but several others top 1,000 metres. It’s a cyclists’ heaven.

Cycology have linked that heaven with a gastronomic paradise and a level of comfort very close to nirvana.

Tempted? Book now for an October break that you’ll never forget.

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