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Preparing for your cycling holiday

26 April 2016

Preparing for your cycling holiday

You’re coming on holiday with us to Mallorca and you’re going to have an amazing time (yay!)

There are, though, some things you can do to prepare, to make sure that your Cycology holiday experience is one that you’ll remember for years to come.


The first and most important thing is: Cycology cycling holidays are most enjoyable for people with the right level of fitness for their intended ride time. You don’t have to be in the sort of shape that would allow you to scale Everest; what you need is to be at the right level of fitness for the kind of cycling you want to be doing.

We know that as a cyclist, you will very probably be in great shape, but even so, take a look at the routes on offer, decide which you’re likely to do and that will give you an indication of the sort of fit you need to be. Lots of steep hill climbs? Or all on the flat around the coast? There’s a difference – a difference in the effort you will need to put in and a difference in what it will take out of you to do it.


Many of our guests have busy working lives and they look forward to their time with us as a spell when they can simply do what they want to do. That’s great; but not so great if it means that someone who hasn’t found time to get on a bike since last year’s holiday is now going to cycle every day for the next seven days. By the end of day two, they won’t want to ride anywhere on day three. Possibly not on day four, either.

So try to get in some practice before you get on the plane. Cycling is great exercise because of the huge range of muscles it uses. Make sure those muscles have been warmed up before the holiday starts.


While you’re doing your practising, try to get some hills in and give your heart some sustained hard work (for short spells). Not enough to put you in hospital, obviously – but enough that when you face a Mallorcan hill, it doesn’t fill you with dread. The best place to stop on a hill climb is at the top – the views are so much better than half way up, we promise


If you’ve used the same cycling gear in the past, you know how it feels and whether it’s up to the job. But have you bought any new cycling togs for this holiday? If so, get out on the bike wearing the new stuff before your holiday starts. Find out whether it’s really as comfortable as you expected. Are the seams in all the right places? What about sizes – the shorts, the shirts, the pants with the beautifully padded bum – do they fit you perfectly? Because things like that can make the difference between a holiday that feels like paradise and one where, really, you’re glad when it comes to an end.


Cycology cycling holidays are intended to be time of total five-star luxury, awesome cycling experiences and heart-poundingly beautiful views. It’s in the nature of things, though, that some of our guests are successful in other spheres of life and enjoy an element of competition.

What matters most is that at the end of each day there is a feeling of camaraderie over a successful and enjoyable ride. Challenges met and overcome. We like to think that our guests go home with new friendships made, so they can come back the following year and be friendly rivals once more.

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