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Seriously creative ideas for a bike friendly home

21 April 2017

Seriously creative ideas for a bike friendly home

Do you eat, sleep and breathe cycling? If riding is your passion (and you’re proud of your wheels) then here are some wonderfully creative ideas for making your home bicycle friendly!

For many cycling enthusiasts, our bikes are our pride and joy. But these days, not everyone has the square footage to create appropriate storage. With the average British home shrinking for every new build, and apartment life becoming the norm in cities like London where house prices have rocketed, fewer people have access to a garage or bike shed. That’s not to say we can’t find an ergonomic and urbane way to store our wheels when they’re not in use. Whether you’ve got an open plan city pad or a character house with limited space, here are some very stylish ways to turn your home into a bike friendly space.

1. Upright Bike Stand

Bike stands are great if you can spare a little floor space in your house or apartment. For Scandinavian inspired homes, your ride can be a fantastic feature in any room. (Disclaimer: does not have the same effect if you start using your bike stand as a laundry line or coat rack.)

RECOMMENDED BUYS: MV-TEK Foldable Bike Wheel Stand / DKB Cycle Rack / Bikehut Floor Stand

2. Wall Mounted Cycles

If you have more than one bike (or you don’t have enough room on the floor), wall mounting can be a fantastic solution. Turn your wheels into art with a practical yet tasteful display.

RECOMMENDED BUYS: Mottez Folding 3-Cycle Wall Rack / Mont Blanc Fixed Wall Mounted Bike Rack

3. Upside Down Bike Hanger

No room on the floor and no room on your walls either? How about the ceiling? If there are no light fittings in the way and the total height of your bike won’t obstruct anything else (such as wall art, technology, or exceptionally tall people), two simple hook attachments will allow you to hang your ride from the ceiling. This just screams ‘city bachelor pad’.

4. The Bicycle Pole

Wall indents are the ideal place to create a bike pole. Instead of creating built in cupboards that are flush to the wall, why not replace the shelving with a vertical pole to attach one or two bikes to. A great storage idea for those who don’t want their bike on display at all times.

5. Ceiling Bike Pulley

Houses or open plan flats with high ceilings work best for this – especially if you are lucky enough to have exposed beams. Bike pulleys can be bought or you can create your own using climbing rope and weights.

RECOMMENDED BUYS: Mottez Bike Lift Pulley System / Relaxdays Bicycle Lifter & Ceiling Holder

6. Customised Shelving

Need shelving and bike storage but don’t want to compromise? Create your own shelving unit to include a bike hook and you can get the best of both worlds. The best way is to customise your own so you can make the most of the space available, but there are some cool designs on the market too if you’re not much of a DIYer.

RECOMMENDED BUYS: The Original Bike Shelf / Pedal Pod by Tamasine Osher / Miliki Kappo Shelf

7. The Smallest

Small can be beautiful and with the Clug, this small and unobtrusive bike ‘store’ is both simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

The alternative of course, is to bring it with you on a Cycology holiday, courtesy of our bike box rental partner, Bike Box Online. Storage problem solved!

(Main image source: Pinterest)

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