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23 February 2017


Starting your holiday in jet-set style is no longer just for the elite, thanks to Stratajet it is now more accessible than ever. If you are planning a luxury cycling trip to Mallorca with Cycology Travel Ltd, what better way to arrive than by private jet?

Chartering a private jet gives you complete control and freedom over your departure times and flight schedule. If you’ve never flown privately before, and are not sure why you should, here’s everything you can expect from Stratajet;

Arrive in Mallorca in as little as two hours

Flying privately means completely hassle-free travel. You can arrive at the airport as little as fifteen minutes before your flight, meaning your holiday can begin as soon as you get to the airport. Skip the stressful airport experience; the queues at check-in and security; and forget arriving hours before boarding.

Travelling by private jet can also get you to Mallorca faster than a commercial airliner. Don’t waste a minute of your trip and enjoy the comfort of a private cabin. A commercial flight from London Gatwick to Palma de Mallorca can typically take up to six hours, including airport waiting time. Whereas a light jet, like the Phenom 300, can get you there in as little as two hours.

Customise your private jet experience

Perhaps you want to bring a pet on board, enjoy your favourite meal or have a car pick you and your baggage up on the runway? The possibilities of customising your own travel needs are endless when it comes to flying privately.

No excess baggage charges

Whilst airlines have limited baggage capacity per passenger, private flights have much more room for baggage and bikes!. This is ideal for cycling holidays, as you can easily transport all your equipment with no hassles or the worry of damage within the unpredictable cargo hold.

Upgrade today

Search real-time pricing and live aircraft availability on stratajet.com or contact us today to find out more. We look forward to transporting you to sunny Mallorca, with Cycology Travel for a cycling trip of a lifetime.

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