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Top ten health benefits of cycling

22 April 2016

Top ten health benefits of cycling

Let’s be frank; we’re not inviting you to cycle in Mallorca for the health benefits...

We want to take you there to enjoy good roads, a delightful year-round climate and cycling options from flat and easy rides to climbs to challenge the strongest and fittest. At the end of each day’s cycling, we’ll offer you premier class accommodation with food and wine to please the most demanding.

The health benefits are there, though – so you may as well enjoy those, too.

We don’t know a better way than cycling to combat the woes that come with a sedentary, managerial lifestyle. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and the stress that leads to mental discomfort fade away in the face of regular physical activity. What’s more, it’s a low-impact exercise suitable for everyone from children to the old.

So what health benefits can you hope for from cycling?

Decreased Body Fat

Depending on how vigorously you cycle, expect to burn between 300 and 500 calories per hour. And it goes from where you want it to go from; cycling half an hour every day will remove 5 kg of body fat in the course of the year.

Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Cycling reduces the incidence of high blood pressure and the risks of a heart attack or stroke. Your heart becomes stronger, your resting pulse rate is better and you have lower blood fat levels.

Less Chance of Arthritis

It’s easy to think of arthritis as an old person’s illness, but it strikes at any time and doesn’t really care who it hits – but it has had to give up on cyclists because cycling is a low-impact exercise and doesn’t ask too much of joints.

Strength, Balance and Coordination

Peak physical fitness peaks in the teens and slowly fades. Many people look back sadly on the days when they caught a ball at ankle height or leapt effortlessly over a vaulting horse. Cycling won’t bring that back completely, but you will enjoy a fit and responsive body for longer.


Surprising, perhaps, but there is solid research to say that cycling greatly reduces the risk of breast, bowel or colon cancer.


A large-scale research project found that people who cycle for at least half an hour every day reduce their risk of developing diabetes by 40%.

Reduced Stress

Stress is a killer; it is also a major component of mental disease. Cycling reduces levels of stress. It’s as simple as that.

Improved Brain Function

Remarkable but true: the work you put in on your bike causes an increase in the number of nerve cells firing, which in turn promotes the formation of new brain cells. It also releases neurotransmitters, so the brain cells you have, communicate faster and better.

Stay Younger Longer

It is said that people in their 40s who regularly cycle are on average as fit as someone 10 years younger. It also said that their life expectancy is better than the average for their age group.

Improves Muscle Strength

We rely on muscle strength for far more than just lifting things. It decreases as we get older and cycling won’t prevent that entirely – but it will hold problems at bay for a long time.

Mallorca is waiting. We are waiting. There is no need for you to wait. Contact us today and book your holiday. Not just to be fitter; we promise you a great time in good company.

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