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Why exploring by bicycle is the best way to travel

09 March 2018

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Bus tours can limit where and when you explore, but when you are on a bicycle you are your own boss. You can set off in any direction you like, traveling through your destination to the rhythm of your own improvised itinerary.

Cycling is adventurous and carefree - just like travel should be. Here are some of the reasons why exploring on a bike is the absolute best way to travel.

Get around like a local

When you are on your bike riding through the sun-soaked countryside you will be interacting with locals, rather than being sealed inside a tour bus with other travelers. You’ll meet plenty of interesting people out there on the road, from other cyclists to families relaxing in their gardens to shop owners to people working in the fields - and the adorable local kids who might run alongside your bike.

Eat like a local

You’ll be burning calories as you pedal around, so you can indulge in the local cuisine completely guilt free. Your cycling adventures will take you to local restaurants, taverns, cafes and other eateries outside of the tourist bubble, where the food will be delightfully authentic and truly delicious.

Feed your appetite and treat yourself to some of the mouthwatering local cuisine - paired with a cold beer or an exquisite glass of wine. Life is good.

Go off the beaten track

Your cycling adventure will connect you more intimately with the landscape and will allow you to see parts of your destination that aren’t covered on the typical tour. You’ll be able to take a detour to tiny villages, ride along bike paths that are not accessible by car and see hidden corners of the country that you would never see from the seat of a tour bus.

You set the agenda

Schedule? What schedule? When you are exploring on your bike, the itinerary is up to you. If you see an intriguing building or a gorgeous beach, you can stop for a while to take a look and then hop on your bike again. You can even let yourself get lost and see what you discover… it’s all part of the adventure.

You can do more

A cycling tour will give you a lot of flexibility to take time off from the saddle and try other travel adventures, including walking, trekking and even wine tours. Or, take a break from pedaling and treat your sore muscles to a day at the spa.

If your significant other is with you and they don’t feel like cycling, they have the freedom to take part in another activity and then meet up with you later. (Take a look at the optional activities we offer, from boat trips to helicopter tours to vineyard excursions and more.)

Travel at a slower pace

You miss so much when you zoom through the countryside in an air-conditioned coach.

When you are on a bike you will be able to smell the wildflowers, feel the warm sunshine on your skin and take in the incredible views. You’ll be able to cover more ground that if you were walking, but you’ll still have plenty of time to soak up the local way of life.

In our high speed internet era, slowing down can turn an ordinary trip into an extraordinary experience as it allows you to remember the joy of living in the moment and connecting with the world around you.

Best of all, you’ll come to the end of your cycling holiday knowing that you accomplished something truly great. You’ll feel inspired, energized and proud of your big cycling adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn about our luxury bespoke cycling journeys and to book your adventure.

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