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Why Mallorca is the perfect destination for family summer sun

29 April 2017

Why Mallorca is the perfect destination for family summer sun

Cycling holidays should be fun and exciting, dynamic and challenging, and always inclusive. That’s the core concept here at Cycology Travel Ltd; we design cycling breaks that have something for everyone, and that means entertainment for the whole family, not just the cyclist.

That’s why our chosen destination is the island of Mallorca. It’s the sort of place where everyone can find their forte. Not only does it boast a classic Mediterranean climate with mild winters and more than 300 sunny days per year (making it the perfect place for cycling), but it’s a popular tourist hotspot for summer sun too.

From the many five-star beaches as well as dazzling nightlife and shopping, to the wonderful natural landscapes, sheltered coves, majestic mountains and lush green hills, this Balearic island simply has it all.

For culture vultures who love to explore, this is the one of the best places in Spain to experience authentic Catalan life. For history buffs, you’ll find spectacular ruins from Talaiotic times, the Bronze Age, and from the Moorish settlements – these sights will really blow you away. For kids, there are around the clock activities, including waterparks, Jungle Parc, Marine Land, Palma Aquarium and Palma Jump. And for foodies, this island is an incredible gem where ‘peasant’ food brings traditional flavours and the freshest ingredients to the table. Think rustic, think authentic, think straight out of la casa de la mama! Then there’s the wine….wash your Sobrassada meat down with a glass of Manto Negro.

So this extraordinary island is much more than a cyclist’s paradise. Keen riders can take advantage of the countless cycling routes with the most dramatic mountain backdrops. Whilst partners, kids and other family members can spend their day sunbathing, exploring Mallorca’s nature trails, or going sightseeing and shopping.

And just as Mallorca’s landscape is great for hitting those handlebars, it’s also a playground for anyone who has a sense of adventure. Outdoorsy types always fit in here! Hiking and climbing are popular activities on the island, and it’s also known as a bit of a tennis heaven (it’s the home of Rafael Nadal after all!). There’s a decent choice of golf courses too, plus we can’t forget the water sports! The amazing coastline makes for a fantastic water sports and sailing destination. So the whole family can try surfing, sea kayaking, paddleboarding, flyboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, snorkelling or scuba diving.

Plus with the comfortably warm weather, the roads are beautiful for pedalling all year round; meaning you can be completely flexible to your family’s needs or your partner’s work schedule. You’ll also be pleased to know (and Your Significant Other will be too) that we’ve partnered with Mallorca’s most exclusive five-star spa resorts, including Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa and Son Brull Hotel & Spa, so there will always be somewhere to wind down at the end of the day.

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