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They say that the sun always shines in Mallorca, and at Cycology, we tend to agree, well, for at least 300 days a year anyway...

Firstly, remove all pre-empted images of high-rise apartments and hotels from your mind; this beautiful jewel in the Mediterranean is much more than just another Spanish island converted for the sake of the Brits abroad.

Sure, you can still find a dull English pub called the Red Lion, but allow us to expand your horizons, take you away from the Blackpool-esque neon lights and show you Mallorca – the real Mallorca.

The largest of the four Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a popular holiday destination all year round, not just during the busier summer season. Attracting everyone from singles to couples, and families to groups of friends, the beauty of the island is one of the biggest allures for visitors.

Think crystal clear azure waters, pristine sandy beaches, vast mountain ranges and stunning countryside that is dazzling any time of the day, and you’re on the right track...

Anybody who comes and says it’s not for them just hasn’t found their little haven on the island yet...

Beautiful private beach in Mallorca
High speed downhill riding
Excellent roads for cycling

Picturesque is an understatement. If you choose to venture a little further afield than the usual saturated tourist traps, you will be sure to find a slice of heaven just a couple of hours away from the drizzly UK climate.

As cyclists, we love Mallorca for its diverse terrain and masses of cycling routes. By coming here, we can never get bored and there is always something that caters to our skillsets; whether we fancy a quiet riding day, or doing something that exerts us that little bit more – it’s all here, and it’s not hard to find.

As holidaymakers it’s everything we could want; sunny beaches and so much more!

Waterparks keep our kids entertained whilst we sunbathe and sip San Miguel in our swimming smalls, or we can even head to the aquarium or marine park for the day to learn a little bit more about the oceans that surround us, in a fun, ‘you’re on holiday don’t do too much’ kind of way.

Luxury hotels litter the island and most come with in-built first-class spa facilities, meaning that when pampering is the order of the day, only the very best will do.

Super clean sandy beaches line the island, all of which are overlooked by towns nestled in the hills, which in turn are overlooked by those mountains that make us want to get on our bikes! Deserted coves, cliff top views, beach strolls as the sun sets and even the odd hike all makes up Mallorca, with something to do for each and every person who visits.

Anybody who comes to Mallorca and says it’s not for them just hasn’t found their little haven on the island... yet...

The traditional food is to die for, as well as the bustling bars and busy markets that give tourists a taste of island life. It is quaint and full of authenticity, whilst still maintaining a modern holiday for those who like to experience luxury and first-class service whilst on holiday.

They say that one size fits all, and as cyclists, we couldn’t agree less; this is never the case for us! However, when it comes to Mallorca, we may have to stand corrected...

Travelling To Mallorca

Palma International Airport (airport code: PMI) is the local airport and is served by a number of international airlines, including British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair. Palma, the capital of Mallorca is only 9km away. Palma Airport allows for chartered and regular flights and is linked to all major European destinations.

British citizens can find specific travel advice issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office here.

Visas & Passports

European Union (EU) citizens only require a valid passport or National Identity Card. US, Canadian, Japanese, Australian, New Zealand, or British citizens do not require a visa for any visit less than three months. We would advise to check with your local Spanish embassy in your own country for any changes.

British citizens can find additional passport information here.

Health Regulations

According to the World Health Organisation, no vaccinations are required to enter Spain. However, you can check with your embassy prior to departure in case inoculation certificates are needed.

We recommend that all EU citizens bring a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card which can be obtained from your local Post Office or Social Security Office. The card entitles you to free or discounted medical treatment when you are in an EU country. You follow the same rules as a citizen of that country, so if their medical care is completely free, so is yours. Once a card is obtained it is valid for the next five years.

Please note that the EHIC is valuable protection, but it is not a replacement for travel insurance.

How’s the weather?

Mallorca enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm average temperatures and seasonal rainfall. Summers are normally hot and dry, while winters tend to be pleasant and mild.

In February, daytime temperatures can reach a high of around 16-19°C; these temperatures are ideal for cycling. In March and April the temperatures gradually rise to around 22-24°C and up to 25°C in May. Mallorca’s summer season offers average temperatures of 28°C throughout June, July and August, the sun stays out for nearly 11 hours every day, and rain is almost unheard of.

July and August are very hot months with temperatures reaching over 30°C. September temperatures do begin to fall to a more manageable average of 26°C, but the sea remains warm at 25°C.

The weather in Mallorca throughout October is a steady 24-26°C during the day; nights can decrease to 10°C. Novembers in Mallorca still offer agreeable temperatures of 18°C during the day and a cooler 6°C at night.

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For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, check www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.

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